Efficient and Trusted Service

Our attention to efficient and reliable trust worthy service is the backbone to the company’s success. We deliver our products through the use of shipping, distribution and tracking technologies of reputable international freight companies, that guarantees our end users get their products in a timely manner.
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Extensive Network

We have currently developed interconnecting channels in South America, United Arab Emirates, and the Middle East, with developing relations in other countries. We continue to focus on expanding our business relations across the global landscape.
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Our Team

Our company is built on the fundamental principal of respect and mutual success which has resulted in a dynamic and collaborative team
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GEI International thrives on HEALTHY Business Partnerships and common ground practices amongst its day-to-day ventures. It values the importance of having all its partners be as SUCCESSFUL, if not more then its own success. Our BELIEF towards achieving a winning philosophy starts with the successful results our partners achieve.


At GEI International, relationship building among our suppliers, buyers, distributors, governmental affiliates and end users is one of our FUNDEMENTAL key elements within our objectives. These relationships must remain RESPECTFUL and maintain the upmost INTEGRITY in our COLLABORATIVE pursuit to accomplish our set goals. Understanding ones culture and language barriers in business will help us all in reaching a common ground, and that is delivering a better and healthier lifestyle!

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